Thursday, December 11, 2008


1. Start with the HTML document: simple.html and modify it so that the title is "My home page". Replace the "Hello, WWW World." string with an appropriate greeting for you.
exercise 1
3. Change the header tags in the file IQTravel_2c.html so that the first header ("Island Quest Travel") is rendered using the H1 tag and each of the services headers are rendered using the H2 tag.
exercise 3
5. Modify the IQTravel_2d.html file using an ordered list instead of an unordered list for the list of services. Look up the OL tag in Appendix 1 and use uppercase roman numbering.
exercise 5
7. Find a Web site where graphical icons are available for free downloading. Locate an icon to represent the "under construction" sign you might see along the highway. Place it in the simple.html file so that it is centered at the top of the page.
exercise 7
9. Find a location on the Web that has small images that can be used for texture and replace the background image in IQTravel_2g.html. Try to find a texture appropriate to the theme of the Island Quest Travel customer.
exercise 9
11. Modify IQTravel_2h.html to add an appropriate META tag to supply keywords to a visiting search engine.
exercise 11
Longer Voyage Exercises
13. Browsers are designed to ignore tags that they don't understand and to try to make reasonable choices when you forget certain items. Try starting with the simple.html file and try the following:
leave off the HTML tag and its companion closing tag.
put the HTML tags back in and leave out the closing /TITLE tag.
put the /TITLE tag back in and leave out the opening and closing BODY tags.
put the opening BODY tag back in but leave out the /BODY tag. Report your findings.
exercise 13 (a)
exercise 13 (b)
exercise 13 (c)
exercise 13 (d)
15. In the IQTravel_2b.html file replace all occurrences of


. Is there any difference in the document viewed in the browser?
exercise 15
17. How would you modify the IQTravel_2d.html file to make each letter of the main title header a different color?
exercise 17
19. Start with the IQTravel_2f.html file and modify it so that the text "Island Quest Travel" that appears in italics at the beginning of the document appears two font sizes larger and in red. Note the design flaw having the font in the logo be different than the font in the text. This would have to be corrected by having the appropriate font used in the creation of the logo image.
exercise 19
21. Change the background color of the IQTravel_2f.html file to "teal". How would you fix the document to make it readable?
exercise 21
23. If you have access to graphical tools, try to put together the home page for a Web site for a small business (fictitious or otherwise) in your city or town (a toy store would be a fun site). See if you can place all the information in about one screenful as viewed in the browser. In the next chapter we will see how to link documents so, for now, plan on leaving lower level details to other pages. See if you locate free graphical elements on the Web that you have permission to use and download them to your hard drive. Work with the placement of graphical elements and text to make it easy for viewers to locate the information they are looking for.
exercise 23

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